Veterans Earned the VA Loan

The VA Loan program is the best program available for veterans, active servicemen, and their families.  PERIOD.  These loans combine great perks with low rates and are a true earned benefit of military service.

If you are eligible for a VA Loan, get it.  No matter what your mortgage broker or bank tells you, VA loans are not hard to get or necessarily time-consuming. If you are VA delegated and can make the choices on mortgage loans, like our team, we can close VA loans in as little as 14 days.  The days of being afraid that you’ll lose your home over the delay from your VA Loan are over.

The VA Loan has a ton of advantages as well.

1. You don’t need a down payment

The VA Loan requires no down payment to buy a home.  That’s right, a 100% loan is out there for veterans and their families.

2. Forget about the PMI

Lenders will almost always require PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) on loans where you put down less than 20%. This is to protect them in case you are unable to pay back the loan.

VA Loans are a big exception.  With the VA’s backing, the loan is guaranteed, meaning that there is no need for PMI.

3. It’s guaranteed by the US Government

The reason why you get favorable terms in the first place is that it’s fully guaranteed by the government.  A portion of the loan will be repaid by the government even if the monthly payments are not made.

With that guarantee in hand, you can get a VA Loan with confidence.

4. No prepayment penalty

VA Loan guidelines will not allow lenders to add a prepayment penalty to your mortgage agreement or stop you from selling it before you have paid it off.  There are also no refinance restrictions.  You can always refinance into a new VA Loan or switch to a non-VA Loan product if the terms are more favorable later.

5. Qualification is simpler

VA Loans still need the documentation, credit history and income to cover the mortgage payment.  However, it’s a lot lower barrier to entry than many other loan programs and VA guidelines are extremely flexible.

The VA is only interested in getting you qualified and into your home or refinance.

  1. No appraisal fee

A feature of the Hero Loan is that we waive the appraisal fee on VA Loans for veterans, active servicemembers and their families as a thank you for their service.

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