VA Loans

The Veterans Affairs Loan is one of the products that we’re proudest to offer, because it lets us help our brave men and women of the armed services to purchase or refinance their home. The program extends to all veterans and their spouses, and allows eligible veterans to purchase or refinance a home without any sort of down payment, putting them in their homes immediately. There also is no monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) with this loan, allowing vets to have lower monthly payments. Refinancing with a VA Loan is a great way to lower payments, lessen the length of the loan, or pay off credit cards, vehicles, or other expenses that may be weighing down the budget. VA loans have low, fixed rates and allow for veterans to borrow up to 100% of the value of their home. Call The Home Loan Expert today to setup an appointment, and we can find the best rate for your refinance or new home loan today!