How The Hero Loan Is The Best VA Loan Program

With The Hero Loan becoming the nation’s fastest-growing VA Loan program, we wanted to explain how The Hero Loan is the best VA Loan program and has allowed us to help so many veterans, active service members, and their families to buy their dream home.  We have developed the program to streamline and simplify the process for these heroes to give them an opportunity to live the American Dream and own their own home.

The Hero Loan takes everything about VA Loans and makes them easier to get and quicker to close.  With The Hero Loan, you can close your VA Loan in as little as 14 days, instead of the 120 days that other banks and mortgage companies take to finish your VA Loan.  This is the first and most obvious advantage.  We can get you closed and into your new home in less time than it takes for most other companies to process your application and run your credit.  While they waste time, we are underwriting our own loans, making our own credit decisions and getting veterans into their homes.

We also do all of the heavy lifting for you.  We help you fill out your VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility and do all of the VA paperwork for you.  Don’t let the hassle of paperwork keep you renting a home or stuck paying PMI in an FHA loan.  Let us deal with that for you.

We also cover your appraisal costs for you.  In fact, there will never be an out of pocket cost to your Hero Loan from The Home Loan Expert.

Lots of other mortgage companies either aren’t doing VA Loans or are pushing their veterans and service members into other plans that don’t make as much sense as the VA Loan for them.  It’s because they think that VA Loans are too difficult to do. This is unacceptable to us.  The VA Loan is your right, that you earned through your service.

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