The Best Places for Veterans to Live [Part I]

The Best Places for Veterans to Live
[Part I]

The transition from active duty to civilian life can be a difficult one, especially if you are not yet certain where it is you want to put down roots for your life after the military. Here are some of the best places for veterans to live, determined by cost of living, quality of life, nearby resources for veterans, local and state tax laws, and more.

Due to the unique struggles of veterans who acquired disabilities during their time of service, make sure that you live in a place with accessible VA facilities that is also affordable and offers a high quality of life. Here are Hero Loan’s top places for disabled veterans:

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX, also known as the “Military City,” is one of the best places for disabled veterans to live. With eleven VA facilities in the area and dozens of VA-approved education facilities, San Antonio has everything a veteran may need.

The State of Texas offers full property tax exemption for veterans with 100% disability, and veterans between 10% and 90% disability also receive a tiered-exemption matching their disability percentage.

The housing market in San Antonio is not a hot one, but homes are very affordable, with a median home value of $187,718 as of June 2020. Hero Loan is available to help veterans secure their home in Texas, so if San Antonio appeals to you, be sure to contact Hero Loan today.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO, is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and is roughly an hour’s drive from Denver. Due to its location, Colorado Springs enjoys a climate that experiences all four seasons with beautiful scenery throughout.

The State of Colorado offers veterans with 100% disability a property tax exemption of 50% on the first $200,000 of a home’s value. This is not quite the limitless exemption found in San Antonio, but it definitely adds up year-over-year. In addition to this benefit, veterans will find three VA facilities in the area.

The housing market in Colorado Springs has done very well since 2018, with a median home cost of $323,194 as of June 2020. Contact Hero Loan today if you’re interested in buying a home in Colorado Springs

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, VA, is located just a couple of hours south of Washington D.C. and is nestled right next to Norfolk, the largest naval base on the eastern seaboard. Consequently, Virginia Beach offers a lot for active duty servicemen and veterans alike.

One of the best perks to living in Virginia Beach is that the Commonwealth of Virginia exempts 100% VA disability veterans from having to pay property taxes. In addition to saving hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on property taxes, Virginia Beach has access to eleven VA health and benefits facilities.

For a resort town, Virginia Beach has a reasonable housing market, with an average home value of $288,499 as of June 2020.


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