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    The home-buying process is no doubt a complicated and emotional one. From the excitement to the nervousness, you probably just want it to be over with by the end of it. Although your home-buying process might be in the final stages of transition, it’s important to remember that there is still some work to be completed before it’s all said and done.

    If you lose focus under contract, it can result in delays with the financing process, or even the opportunity to secure your VA Loan. Fortunately, our VA Specialists will instruct you on important things to watch for and maintain while you’re in the final stages of the home-buying process.

    We promptly review your credit inquiries, bank statements, and other related documents to determine if you’re carrying any debt that was not disclosed with the initial paperwork. During the time period you apply for the loan, we advise that you do not apply for any new debts, which would include buying or leasing a vehicle, refinancing other notes, etc. Before you do anything, please consult with us.

    Our top recommendations while you’re under contract:

    • Avoid taking on new debt
    • Avoid changing jobs
    • Do not transfer money between banks
    • Pay your bills in a timely manner
    • Watch your credit card limits

    Your closing may seem like it’s within reach, but additional documentation could be requested at the last minute to verify the information. If you’ve contributed to your debt since your filing, there is a chance that your new debt-to-income ratio may end your shot at that VA Loan. Don’t let this information intimidate you. So long as you stay focused and on track with our support, your VA Loan is right around the corner.

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