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Mt Rainer
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Ryan Kelley – The Home Loan Expert, Climbs Mt Rainier For Friends of Kids With Cancer.

Summit For The Kids

As a business owner, I think it’s really important to make sure that we give back to the community.  We have a responsibility to help everyone.  I’ve worked with several children’s charities over the years. One of the most fulfilling things that you can do is give back to the smallest and most deserving of us.  Every year, I try to find a cause that both makes me better and helps the less fortunate.  Last year was Tough Mudder for the Wounded Warriors Project, and it was fantastic.  This year I’m putting all of my energies into a cause near and dear to my heart, Friends of Kids With Cancer. I had an opportunity recently to visit them and see how their first-class charity functions, and came away extremely impressed.  I will be climbing Mt. Rainier this summer, and I need YOU to help me give back.  Our goal for this climb is to raise $1 for every foot.  At 14,410 feet, that’s a pretty big check.  So I need your help.  Please open your hearts and make your tax-exempt donation to Friends of Kids With Cancer with the button on the right, or by following This Link.  They are a great organization that helps a lot of families and children through tough times.  Read more about them below or right here, and follow my progress as I train on this page and on Facebook and Twitter!  Thank you so much for opening up your hearts (and wallets) and remember… IT’S FOR THE KIDS!

The Climb

Mt. Rainier in Washington is the highest peak in the continental United States, and the 21st highest peak in the world.  It’s one of the most difficult climbs in the world, so of course, we’re headed there first.  We’ll be making a 3-day ascent to the top of the Ingraham Glacier, named for the explorer Edward Sturgis Ingraham.  It’s the south-eastern flank of Mt. Rainier, and the 3 day climb is perfect for us.  We’re so excited to make the trip, and do it for a great cause.  Speaking of which…

What We’re Climbing For…

Friends of Kids with Cancer has a proud 23 years history, helping children. Concerned parents Molly Henry and Suzie Snowden teamed up with Jill Turec, a Developmental Specialist at Mercy Children’s Medical Center, because they saw the great need for the simplest of words: fun.

What they created to solve the problem, a toy closet right where the kids get their treatment, turned out to be a revolutionary idea. At the very least, they thought, the kids would have something to play with during the long hours in the office, or maybe even take their mind off of the needles and shots from intense treatments. Low and behold, everyone involved saw a marked change in the kids. Instead of focusing on the severity of the treatments, kids were excited to see what new toy or game they would get to play with. Seizing the moment, Friends thrust TVs, movies, board games and anything else to divert their attention and replace smiles where there had once been only tears. Even nurses and doctors reaped the benefits, with more tools added to their arsenal to get children to cooperate with difficult procedures.Through this cooperative effort between parents, kids and medical staff…Friends was born.

This simple idea has since developed into a philosophy that Friends abides by today. Treatments shouldn’t just attack viruses and cells in a child’s body; the mind, soul and most importantly, the heart need to be cared for as well. Treating the whole child has brought new, creative programs into the treatment centers through Friends of Kids with Cancer.